Tattly Tuesday

Every Tuesday we launch 4 new Tattlys and this week’s design are a homage to print design. We launched two new artists: Jason Tiernan debuts with FPO (For Placement Only), a cheeky little placeholder for your forthcoming Tattly endeavors, and our own Yoko Sakao Ohama joins the fun with Crops. Josh Smith returns with the ever-classic Golden Ratio, and I contributed a colorful CMYK Tattly.

As always, shipping is free anywhere in the United States, and just $2 flat for all of our international friends. Happy Tattly Tuesday!

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  1. This Print Traffic Coordinator is happy to see print related tats. Even if they are temporary!

  2. i absolutely love these! just ordered some :) i bought them for friends at the office….but i might just have to keep them all for myself. <3