Erasable Gel Pen

“Over the past week I’ve twice heard twenty-somethings wonder whether kids growing up today, kids who were practically born with iPhones in hand, will still have the capacity for wonder. Yesterday as a present for his first day of second grade I brought home an erasable gel pen for my iPhone savvy six year old. After a brief demonstration, he spontaneously hugged me, “I’ve been waiting for this pen my entire life!” I think the kids are alright.”

Raul Gutierrez

(via Bobulate)

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  1. Give them a fountain pen and fill it from a bottle of ink and watch them just be amazed–an not stop writing and drawing with the luscious liquid ink! I use fountain pens with the 4-5 yr olds in my Pre-K class and they can not get enough!–we do end the day with ink stained fingers though–but that is half the fun!