Back from the Swiss Alps

Yesterday was our first day back in Brooklyn after 9 days in the Swiss Alps. We did a house swap with friends in the Appenzeller mountains and we could not have lived in a more stylish, designy house! (The only thing missing to make this absolutely perfect was an internet connection.) Here are a few impressions of our trip. #happytobeback

view from the Waldegg Restaurant in Teufen

view from the Eggli Restaurant in Appenzell

our amazing house swap living-room (yes, for real)

the completely stunning ‘office’ at our house swap home


always amazed at how tidy the Swiss keep their silverware arranged.

can’t get over the fact that my mom’s boyfriend owns 3 crocodiles. (seriously)

love this poster of my dad teaching at his former Apple computer school in Switzerland. Gotta love the perm action that’s going on in that picture.

my wonderful friend Martina came visit us from Munich. Here, she is taking in the view.

me speaking at the first TYPO St.Gallen. Thanks to Roland Stieger for the photo.

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  2. Very nice photos. I really need to get around to seeing Switzerland soon.

  3. Wow, those shots of the scenery are absolutely surreal. Thinking I should be planning a trip there as soon as I can. House-swapping sounds like a great idea.

  4. I’m just impressed by how the Swiss keep everything tidy!

  5. I second the office comment — so lovely, and the bookshelf (looks to be) an awesome adaptation to a slightly sloped wall that doesn’t leave any dead cat space behind it (to quote my first studio professor, cough.)

    And oh, those misty landscapes — those must be wonderful to come back to. They sure make me feel all wanderlust-y. :)

  6. Fantastic photos. Hard to beat a photo set that includes crocodiles, Swiss Alps and silverware.

  7. wow—if your friends ever feel like pursuing a house swap in Marina del Rey, CA, please keep me in mind!

  8. This speaks to my heart. My mom was from Switzerland and I’ve visited my family there several times. Thanks for posting!

  9. Fun! So good to hang around Eames with my favorite family!

  10. Oh, that’s your dad?! Cool – I’ve been a constant reader of his Macintouch magazine decades ago…