wishing for a wifi miracle

Some of you might have wondered about the light posting over the past few days. Well, clan Eisenberg traveled to Switzerland to visit my family. We did a house swap with an old friend of mine and so we are staying in the most stylish, designy place you can imagine. e are surrounded by lots of pieces by Eames and Corbusier. Heavenly, to say the least. Only draw-back: They have no wifi. And nor do the neighbors. Nada. Zilch. Kapputt. (Who knew? I just assumed everyone has wifi these days. Facepalm.)

Yes, I hear you all, it is great to disconnect, yadda yadda. But come on, just give me 10 minutes a day to have a teeny tiny looksie at the interwebs.

And as we are going to stay here all week, there will be unfortunately not much blogging goodness happening. Unless some wifi miracle will come upon us here in the lovely mountains of Appenzell.

I wish you all a fantastic week. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Gobble! Gobble!

Waving from the Swiss Alps.

(this is my first post done entirely on my iphone)

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  1. I fear the moment you open your inbox back home :P

  2. vollstes lob von den besuchern von typo st. gallen!

  3. waving back from Zurich Studio (with WiFi). You can easily come over for 10 minutes a day and do your blogging from here. This is an invitation! :-D

  4. I’ve been to Appenzell, and if I have to, I’ll start a petition to keep it WiFi Free. It’s heavenly there.

  5. Couldn’t just continue blogging from your iPhone? Even just a little of the Swiss Miss a day keeps the working blues away. Happy Holidays.

  6. SIMSALABIM. I miss you.

  7. Enjoy the stress free time and greetings back to my home country!!

  8. don’t they have pre-paid 3G in Switzerland?

    In Germany, Deutsche Telekom does flat rate internet via 3G modem at Euro 4.95 a day. While not cheap it’s fast and convenient and I can recharge my account the moment I arrive at Frankfurt airport.

    Have a look at Swisscom. They do a Natel data Easy Pre-paid pay as you go plan for CHF 7.5 per day. They probably do a starter pack with modem for very little money.

  9. I was wondering what was going on… I thought my cache was playing tricks on me. Have a lovely rest of your week! Take pictures damnit!

  10. Umm… your staying in a beautiful home in Switzerland and you’re complaining? Snap out of it girl. Enjoy yourself. Hundreds, thousands, millions maybe, would love to be in your sad shoes.

  11. i love the switzerland so much ;)

  12. One day we will have woven WiFi into all the wonderful places in the world.

    Meanwhile…empathy baby… from me to you!


  13. Genau! Gnüsses!

  14. This is normal for many parts of Europe, sorry to break it to all of you that are so used to open wifi networks, an internet cafe or Starbucks on every corner! ;0)

  15. Staying off the interwebs can be freeing. But ignorance is only bliss in the short term, IMHO. SOME of what wifi connects us to IS reports of real life. Too much information is confusing, too little information causes brain atrophy. We don’t need any more of THAT. – phil

  16. I’ll be visiting our home-country over Christmas (Freiburg), thankfully my parents are tech-savvy thanks to my brothers and have wifi. Frohe Festtage!

  17. Do take some pics and post them please!

  18. Pics (of the furniture) or it didn’t happen!

  19. I hope you had a good time, Hello from Essex!

  20. Why do so many assume that *not* having wifi is stressful? People of earth: some of us need the interwebs for work & so on. It’s silly to assume your experience of (apparently) stressful wifi is everyone else’s. I really cannot stand that attitude.

    I hope you can find some wifi nearby, Tina. I see someone has offered a connection…don’t know if it’s near you or not. Have a good visit, though. xo

  21. Oh phew I am not alone after all!

  22. Ehm… don’t they have an internet connection at all? It’s always possible, as far as I remember, to connect someone’s LAN-cable to your device…

  23. I just had a similar situation in Germany… didn’t really end up missing it though. Change how I use it ever since I’m back.

    Have a great time.

  24. I would gladly trade my wi-fi’d home in Chicago for that unWI-FI’d place in Switzerland for a week!

  25. My student apartments don’t allow for Wi-Fi to be used because of their pricing method and horrific wiring system. Pretty crap, to say the least, but it hasn’t stopped me yet!

  26. nice first post on iphone :)

  27. made me thought to this episode of Southpark ;) http://www.southparkstudios.com/full-episodes/s12e06-over-logging
    grüssli from Switzerland ;)