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Lookwork RSS Reader seems to be the reader I have been waiting for: ALL VISUAL, built for artists and designers. Lookwork creates a flood of images built from your RSS subscriptions and lets you create a personal library by tagging the images you want to keep. You can backup your data via Dropbox and follow others. Now if only one could try it with my own feed without having to subscribe for the $5/month right away. Bummer.

Update: The folks of Lookwork told me via Twitter that they are going to introduce a 7-day free trial soon! YAY!

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  1. I think this would’ve had far more potential if it was around before Pinterest. Hopefully it still takes off, though… but the monthly fee has me worried.

  2. I agree.
    Some sort of free account (no backups, only 3 curated interests, and no following people or something) would have been nice. I sign up and pay for nice/new ideas quite easily, but right now I just know too little about it to pay for it right away. I think I’ll wait for some good reviews first.
    Do like the dropbox option though! I think that that can be quite useful. An curated interest export to evernote would be pretty cool as well.

    Curious how this will develop.

  3. This is exactly what I have wanted to years – I just wish there was a free trial, or was in fact just free!

  4. This is super and something I would certainly use, but it is indeed a pity there’s a fee attached to it.

  5. Are you guys expecting Coudal to send you free Field Notes? Or perhaps the TeuxDeux app should be free (how else would I try it?). And why won’t Elliot Jay Stocks spend his own savings to assure that I can get each copy of 8 Faces safe delivered to my home?

    Quality stuff often comes with a fee.
    All this moaning about $5 makes me sad.

    But being the nice guy that I am I’d like to offer anyone to try my account if you that reluctant to support Lookwork. Just email me and I’ll send you the username/password.

  6. @Per Sorry if I sounded like that.
    I don’t want everything free at all. I always pay or donate for things I like to use or that make me smile. Like I said, I sign up for quite a few things quite easily. It’s just that it would be nice to see a bit more of the workings of the systems on a more personal level (not sure if that’s the correct way of saying it… I’m dutch). Even a little movie of someone actually using it might be enough. Just to see the flow of things.

    If you can write a little review about it I’ll definately read it and I’m sure it will be enough for me to decide to sign up or not.

  7. Per, we are not talking about sending free stuff. And by the way, the TeuxDeux Web App *is* free.

    All I would hope for with a service like this that I could first test-drive it before I have to start paying for it. I’d like to see how it would work out once I put my personal RSS feed in.

    Like David said, even a video, showing the set up process and all that would help. I am *all* for supporting services and paying for them. Trust me, I know what it costs to maintain a web app, I am doing it myself. But I also know that all these subscription services add up and I have gotten a little bit more careful in signing up.

    I think Lookwork is a fantastic idea.

  8. @David
    As I said you’re free to use my account and try it out. If you’re intrested send an email (per at helloper.com)

    And just for the record, the conversation between me and @swissmiss continued on Twitter: http://bit.ly/uFAxHp

  9. Swissmiss, did you subscribe? Can I connect with you on Lookwork?

  10. bit worried. I rushed to pay my $5 dollars through Amazon as lookwork requested and redirected me to now when im trying to register its asking for a code which I haven’t been given. Is this a scam??

    Also when I access my Amazon acc independently it says no order as been made….alarm bells are ringing.

    has anyone else actually paid up and had success?

  11. I agree with Per’s statements.

    You charge $5 for two, *temporary* tattoos on Tattly, but something you’d use daily isn’t worth it? Perhaps you go to a restaurant and want to try the entree before paying for it?

  12. Sadly, I have been on this site for a while – it sometimes does not grab images or takes forever to tag an image. Likewise, I have contacted the site for help and never get a response. Google also has an RSS which has a few more capabilities- doesn’t look as good though. I wish lookwork would respond. Also- Lookwork does not properly work on the Iphone. So I am unable to access in a meeting on the fly if necessary. Again, I have contacted them about this too and no response.