The Holstee Manifesto: Lifecycle video

My friends over at Holstee JUST released this fantastic video which celebrates cyclists through the lens of their manifesto. I got chills watching it. You?

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  1. Right on! All I need now is a hot steaming cup of Swiss Miss Cocoa to go with my chills/goosebumps here. Grüsse aus Deutschland!

  2. LOVE IT–I bought their poster with all of that on it–just beautiful.

    I need to travel and get lost!!

  3. Makes me totally regret not riding to work on such a beautiful day like today. Those guys are awesome.

  4. These kind of things shouldn’t be exceptional in humanity, but rutine of our lifes. Just do it…

  5. Inspiring! Loved it!

  6. I am just wondering where all my reasons for not getting started TODAY are gone to..

  7. beautiful
    makes my heart shakes =)

  8. So inspiring! I think I’m going to start each day with this video. Thanks so much for sharing it!!!

  9. So much love from all of us at Holstee! :)

  10. the video inspires…your blog inspires…. danke dafuer, Tina! liebe Gruesse aus Bulgarien


  11. So wonderfully inspiring.

    Many, many thanks


  12. AS A CYCLING ARTIST/FLANEUR, it all chimes with me. We have lots of artists in Nottingham, and plenty of thoughtful generous people, but not nearly enough cyclists! Keep up the good work!