new: swissmiss shop

Look, I *just* launched a teeny tiny swissmiss shop. See that that ‘store tab’ up there?

A few months ago I had the idea of launching a store with limited edition products by designers I admire. And here we are. The plan is to keep it small and add a product a month, maybe two. The current products include:

Mobile Homes by Ben Light
Bookbow by Paul Octavious
3D Boy by Oliver Jeffers
Raven by Mark Weaver
FieldNotes Pack by Tattly

Visit the swissmiss shop.

Hope you like the selection! Waving from Brooklyn, with an e-commerce smile on my face!

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  1. Love the new store! Congrats…

  2. Slick store!

  3. Yay for acquirable swissmissness! Another great project. Congrats!

  4. Really nice to see you open a store. Hope it works out well for you.

  5. Ah , this one I did not know, I am going to take a look.
    Lots of luck with your new shop !

  6. Nice stuff! Congratulations!!- and welcome back, we have missed you :)

  7. Lovely! I have to take a look..

  8. A Swiss MIss shop!? I’m doomed, or rather, my wallet is. :D

  9. Fantastic news – can I fast forward 2 years and spend all of my money there instead of @muji ?

  10. Do you deliver items from your shop to the UK.


    Twitter Barb62

  11. Yes, we ship globally.

  12. Tasty and groove selections. Thanks and kudos!