Tree Stand

Now this is what I call a stylish (Christmas) Tree Stand.

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  1. Would you use a tree skirt still?

  2. Finally! Once upon a time there were some cool “vintage” ones to be found (orange!) but today most are dark green plastic. Yuck. This is quite lovely… certainly does NOT require a skirt :)

  3. There’s an even nicer looking one, made from very solid metal, designed by Maria Håård for Design House Stockholm. Can’t find it on their website right now (too early for xmas?), but here’s an image I found through google – NOTE! I have no idea about the site it’s hosted on, and this isn’t meant as an endorsement of that site!
    I’ve had this stand for three years, and it’s been faultless:

  4. for $285 i think you could might a local to make you something like it…

    none the less. i can’t read the site, but does it hold water? i haven’t ever had a live tree but it seems kind of important.

    Add on that with live trees I thought the point of a tree skirt wasn’t actually to make your tree pretty but to catch falling sticky needles and sticky sap before it gets all over your floor. Yes, they seem mostly decorative, but that seems like the true purpose. But with a fake tree you wouldn’t have that problem

  5. Stylish. Much nicer than the typical tree stand. Perhaps a slightly excessive price tag though.

  6. not every christmas tool is kitsch…
    good to know