This desk, called Flatmate, is made for tiny NYC apartments. Made me look.

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  1. O.M.G… Instant fave! Absolutely and utterly utter. #want

  2. Ah, I’d say it’s a stylish descendant of Ikea’s Ludvig:


  3. @eduo: you never know which one came in first ;)
    I always wonder – looking at these flat furniture modells (i.e. shoe stands) that they come with two stands although they have to be attatched to the wall as well. By just holding them with screws to a wall, itwould make a perfect furniture for me; much easier to clean underneath. Just my 2 cents.
    On the other hand: really nice piece to have to get your small office stored away perfectly. :)

  4. They usually come with two feet because it’s very common to have a shoe molding at the bottom of walls, and the back pair of feet would hit it, not allowing the furniture to rest flush with the wall.

    The feet are there to support the weight, obviously. Otherwise the usually thin backing is the one that has to support the displaced center of gravity pulling away from the wall and down.

  5. I’m with you that the very thin back can’t hold the weight of the -in this case- flatmate, but you can use mountings for storage racks which will hold the sides to the wall. Works pretty well in our house.

  6. Great space-saving idea. Thanks for sharing!


  7. Looks like it makes it so that you can totally free up floor space by having your workspace up against the wall. Great idea.