How Photographers Actually Spend Their Time

How Photographers Actually Spend Their Time.

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  1. That second graph actually looks like more fun to me! You talk to your clients (fun) which helps you start creating mental images, which turn into photographs, which you then make pretty by doing some solitary work on the computer (so – a nice mix of social and solitary), then noodling around with numbers and forms occasionally … it seems like this would apply to lots of fields.

  2. ha! so true. i love this–thanks for posting!!

  3. Ha ha that’s good….I should do the same for fashion designers too. I was once told that my insurance premium was so high because I might get sued by a model if she were to break a finger nail while I was driving her around….I wish…..

  4. couldn’t agree more:)

  5. i’d love to do one of these for full-time career bloggers! :) most of my relatives think i just sit around eating bon bons all day.

    happy birthday, tina!!

  6. If you are spending that much time on editing, you should change jobs. Start taking better photos first.

  7. Seems to me that “Editing Photos & Other Computer Tasks” could be analogous to “Time Spent in Dark Room”.

  8. This is very interesting but I believe that I actually spent even less time photographing my weddings than 12% and spend more time on editing and more on marketing. I guess I should outsource more. Thanks for posting!

  9. I love these charts. The real estate business is similar. Most of my day is emails and paperwork.

  10. Well it’s fairly accurate to a degree, but you missed out continued education and in my case, I’m a music photographer, so I do actually party like/with rockstars for some of the time. If travelling to exotic locations includes taking a bus with a band to a sweaty town with insects crawling on your ceiling at night, then we do that as well :)