If My Plants Could Talk…

This clay plant pot made me smile.

(Thanks Elena)

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  1. I love it!

  2. Hilarious! If I was a plant person, I would definitely get this! (Maybe that’s why I should…)

  3. Cool find! I need this one to make up for my less-than-green thumb!

  4. ma vedi sti svizzeri !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! allora ha proprio ragione papà quando afferma che sono i primi nel design ,

  5. Ufff, I cannot have plants at home, not even cactuses, I end up killing them all ! Too much water, too less? maybe this pot is the solution??

  6. Buy this book and then if you feel like it, repost again…

    The Secret life of Plants


  7. BS low – rtainolatiy high! Really good answer!