52 smile inducing Tattly seconds

Tattly from Bureau of Common Goods on Vimeo.

The incredibly talented and hardworking folks of Bureau of Common Goods are the forces behind our brand-new Tattly Promo. Yes, team Tattly has watched it numerous times and we all have big smiles on our faces.

A big thank you to Keith “keef” Ehrlich, the producer and director as well Elias Ressegatti the director and editor for their vision. And an extra special thank you goes to Nathan Rosenberg, the composer. We are blown away and *happy*!

You can see photos of the 10h video shoot right here. And you can get all the Tattlys you see in the video here.

Watch the video on the Tattly site.

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  1. AHHH!!!! It looks wonderful!!! I’m so happy I got to be a part of it :]
    – Bianca (The girl with the awesome arm tattlys)

  2. Love it:).. and they stay for such a long time… great!

  3. wooooowhooooo! awesomeness. love it!

  4. Aweeeee, I love that Raul’s kiddo is the still frame. What a cutiepants!

  5. Fun promo! I put it up on my website! (iloveyourvideo.tumblr.com)

  6. It’s so fun. I can’t stop watching it!!!

  7. ooh this is too cool! I want mine now :)


    IS Fashion

  8. wow! love it so much fun!!

  9. Jessi, you are shining like Gold in it (or rather: a golden rainbow)! Thanks so much for being such a great sport for the shoot and the glow.
    And Bianca, it was hard to chose your shot, too many good moments there. We surely had a laugh while editing.

  10. Very Classy Tattly Ad!!! chic alors!

  11. Gorgeous ad! Does justice to the awesome and fun product. Congrats! x