“In Caffeine We Trust Poster”

The “In Caffeine We Trust Poster” lets you track your monthly coffee consumption on a beautifully designed print. The poster is offset printed on 18×24 Strathmore 140 lb. acid-free heavy weight cold press watercolor paper with black ink. A product by Column Five.

Buy it here.

(Thank you Lauren)

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  1. This is so fucking awesome.

  2. They got my number for sure. Brilliant.

  3. Instead of poster, you can have a visually stunning UI apple app that tracks the daily usage from a small sensor placed inside the cup. Daily usage of the coffee consumption can be obtained from sensor using wifi.

  4. Such a shame only US residents can buy one

  5. I need to get my hands on this. I gave up caffeine for the week and I need someone/something to tell me it’s ok to consume it again.

    Maria xx

  6. Great idea, and nice touch with coffee ink. Jittery hands might make it tough to stay in the lines though.