I have been spending most of my morning unsubscribing my blog submission email account from newsletters that I never signed up to in the first place. It’s simply unacceptable how companies put my submission email on their mailing list without my permission. As I was tweeting about my frustration my friend Amrit Richmond pointed me to Unroll.me:

Unroll.Me is an email unsubscribe engine that crawls through your inbox and pulls up a list of your subscriptions allowing you to choose which one to keep and which ones to unsubscribe from. After you press unsubscribe, they will take care of the rest.

Might as well give unroll.me a try! (Even though I admit, I am a bit nervous about giving out my email login information)

UPDATE: Doesn’t work on Google App hosted email accounts (yet). Bummed.

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  1. I could have sworn you just retweeted a tip from Amy Hoy on how to address this fairly painlessly myself… I searched for “unsubscribe” in Gmail and did it manually. Takes a bit longer than using an app, but it didn’t take very long to click through each one once they were all in one place, and I didn’t have to give out my email credentials.

  2. Just a note – if you use GMail the app actually gains access through an API; unroll.me doesn’t get access to any of your personal information.

  3. What a great find, can’t wait to give it a try!

  4. Definitely a great find! I would love to try this but I came up with an error again and again. ;(

  5. They are in Beta and the site says they are not granting access. You can enter your email to be notified when they resume accepting clients.

  6. What a great find! And most of us like to ‘unclutter’ for the new year…just in time! Thanks