Are you a lover of letterpress? Or do you simply want to teach your children the concept of it? Then you should check out LetterMpress, an app that lets you experience the art and craft of letterpress. Check out the tour or the video above and you’ll get the idea.

LetterMpress is available on the Mac Store and as an iPad App. (The iPad is 50% off for the month of december) Besides the use of a mouse and keyboard, the most significant feature of the Mac version is the high resolution that can be output, depending on your graphics card. Prints can be created as high as 8192 pixels in the longest dimension—that’s over 26” at 300 DPI.

Check out some of the designs users have shared on Flickr.

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  1. My father was a lynotype operator during the 60’s and has left a lasting love in me for letter press. As a ceramic artist I use old metal type face that I collect to impress text into my clay art- just going to love this app!!!!

  2. The iPad is 50% off for the month of september?! Or the iPad LetterMpress app is 50% off?

  3. There’s a very informative and entertaining drama/history about type faces of BBC’s radio4 over here in blighty all week. I think you can access it from all over the world
    I never knew there was so much controversy of the comic sans font ;-)

  4. I am bringing my letterpress type into my Pre-K classroom after the holidays so each kid can print their name–should be great fun. LOVE letterpress!