The Journey of Checked Baggage

Delta Air Lines sent a hardcase with six outward-facing video cameras as checked baggage aboard a flight from Atlanta to New York City to show the behind-the-scenes journey of checked baggage. Quite fascinating.

(via LaughingSquid)

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  1. There goes THAT mystery. Check.

  2. Oh, if only all baggage were treated with that kind of respect….

  3. “This is going to be great! Look! I can see a labyrinthine system of conveyors ahead …”


    … bag goes up plane, comes down, peoples legs. fin.

  4. they left out the part where they charged $40 to set the bag on the conveyor belt and where someone helps themself to my belongings because I’m not allowed to lock it.

  5. Oh wow, so like, the conveyor takes it to a truck, and then some guy puts it on the plane, and then the reverse happens at the other end ? I thought they literally threw the bag, overground, all the way to your desination.

  6. Actually, quite boring. The fascinating thing was censored out.

  7. How did Delta find baggage handlers without faces?

  8. This is one of the worst pieces of corporate propaganda in decades, showing the smooth trip of one case from A to B. It doesn’t show how airport employees handle bags without any care, it doesn’t show those TSA wan*ers who open bags and throw things in carelessly (if they throw them in, that is), and it doesn’t show the uninterested face of the underpaid person in Lost & Found who tells you that something like this never happened before.

  9. Watching this actually gave me a feeling of vertigo at some points.