Happy My Birthday To You.

(photo from Girl Walk // All Day)

Today’s my birthday. Yay! I received the world’s most fantastic birthday present on 11/11/11 from my lovely friend Jessi Arrington. On that day, Jessi spoke at CreativeMornings/NewYork and ended her talk with a birthday rainbow parade. As an early birthday gift, she gave me the honor to lead the parade. (see above) And now, today is my birthday and I am looking at those photos with a giant smile on my face.

Happy my (rainbow) birthday to you!

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  1. Happy, happy birthday!

  2. Love the colorful parade photo!
    Happy Birthday!!!:)

  3. Happy B’day T!
    Greets from Switzerland
    T ;-)))

  4. Happy Birthday, Tina! #TheRainbowConnection

  5. Happy Birthday from Tennessee Tina!

  6. Happy Birthday Tina!

    About time I told you how much I love your blog. I’m sure you get this a lot – but yours is the first blog I look at each day.

    So, thank you :)

  7. Happy Birthday, Tina. Thanks for continuing to update your blog on a regular basis. I always enjoy reading it.


  8. Happy Birthday, Tina! May your 2012 be filled with lots of rainbows!

  9. Happy Birthday. This makes me too happy!

  10. A Happy Birthday back to you. What a great day you must have had!

    well done!

    And a Happy New Year too!

  11. So. Awesome. Happy Birthday, Tina!


  13. happy birthday!
    greetings from speicher

  14. Happy Birthday, Tina! And a happy 2012!

  15. Happy Birthday!
    Hope you had a lovely day!
    The parade looks like fantastic fun!

  16. Happy Birthday Tina! it is nice to receive your periodic mails, you make like more enjoyable and nice. Wish you all the best for 2012!

  17. Happy Creative and Lovefilled, Healthy Birthday!

  18. happy birthday! from Italy

  19. What a cool gift. And suitably creative. With your Birthday being when it is, every year must start of well for you.

  20. Happy birthday und es guets nüüs

  21. You are truly the gift that keeps on giving… I can’t begin to note the level of gratitude i feel for your enthusiasm, awareness and talent. Thank you – may all your years shine as bright as today.

  22. jjjjuuuuuuuuuuuuiiiijjjjjj!!!!

  23. HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE birthday hugs to you, Tina!!! Creighton and I found a little present for you on our travels, and we can’t wait to get back to Studiomates to share it with you!

    You led that parade like a PRO. You deserve nothing but rainbows all year round.

  24. Happy birthday, Tina! Hope you had a wonderful day. The photo above is superb!

  25. Happy Birthday, Tina! And a happy 2012! Love the photo of you leading the parade.

  26. Happy Birthday again, Tina!! Wishing you many rainbows, parades and explosions of mass joy to celebrate every moment of your new year. You deserve nothing less! xxx

  27. Happy birthday!! That was the best birthday gift ever. You’re so lucky! I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday. I never leave a comment but your blog is fantastic. Keep up the great work.

  28. Best wishes for a super day Tina. Thank you for bringing such regular joy through your blog! (Brisbane, Australia)

  29. happy birthday from Brazil
    (or, Feliz Aniversário)
    and thanks for all the smiles you put on my face everyday
    (I wish I were at the rainbow parade)

  30. This is so amazing to see that you were able to get a parade for your birthday. This has to be the best present that you have every got. Great job on this. Public Relations