I Met The Walrus

I Met The Walrus is an animated short by James Braithwaite, in which John Lennon answers a 14-year-old’s questions about peace, music, the USA, life and the Bee Gees. Thirty-nine years later, the boy gone man, Jerry Levitan offered the interview to the world. Deep words beautifully animated.

(via brain pickings)

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  1. AMAZING animation. So inventive to turn almost every word into a new visual. Made the interview better than it actually is. Nice find.

  2. The book is amazing as well. Full of great illustration and is a super interesting read.

  3. Three years ago, there was a contretemps when Microsoft created its People Ready ads which were an “homage” to the Braithwaite animation. FYI.


  4. cool ad. will look at book too!
    I just love his style. kind of organic monty python-ish