Inside B&H conveyor system…

If you are a photo buff then you most probably know about the mothership of all photo stores, B&H, here in NYC. The most fascinating part of B&H has always been their conveyor system. Let’s say you decided to buy a new lens, you’re on the third floor, they’ll put that lens into a basket that then is being transported down to the register at the exit, silently ‘floating’ through the store.

The Lense folks secretly put a camera into one of the baskets to see how it works from the inside. Again, this might be only fascinating if you have actually been to B&H.

(via Coudal)

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  1. this is so unbelievably great (i just wish it went into the money-laundering room…)

  2. that is fantastic!

  3. I never noticed this when I was there! I must be quiet too! Very cool.

  4. It’s interesting but seems like a whole lot of wasted energy when a customer could simply carry the item to the checkout…so much for the environment…!

  5. Great video! I wonder if they ever get stuck in the conveyor belt and one of them has to poke the crates with a broom to get it moving again. I’d like to think so!

  6. The added Portal voices of the turrets made this video that much more awesome.

  7. A great little video. I am really surprised at just how fast the conveyor belt moves.

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