Tall Cloud Cowl

My former studiomate Chesley is currently visiting, wearing one of these Tall Cloud Cowls. Beautiful, no?

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  1. Beautiful – no.
    Looks like she’s drowning in a noose on steroids.

  2. I think it’s beautiful :) And looks like it might not bee to tough to make!

  3. I love love the tall cloud cowls!!! sooo cozy! have a good weekend!

  4. beautiful, no. well, technically I guess it is beautiful, but the photo made me very uncomfortable and itchy, and I knit with and wear wool all the time. Maybe if there wasn’t quite SO MUCH of it.

  5. Love it. Suits her perfectly with her build, fair skin, dark hair and clothes – but I could never pull it off.

  6. Yes, beautiful. What a great piece of wearable art. Wearing a Tall Cloud around NYC in the winter…what a wonderful day that would be!

  7. Beauty is in the eye, I guess. It does look very noose-ish, or she escaped from being tied to a chair or the rope used to tie a boat to a dock.

    Impractical, unflattering, expensive (imo)- it must be the next fashion thing.

    Even fushia doesn’t help it that much

  8. This looks incredibly soft, it’s called a cloud after all and it so beautiful. I want one!