Mailchimp’s latest app, TinyLetter, makes it ridiculously easy to start your own mailing list and email newsletter. It’s a matter of minutes and you’re set to go. Pick a username and boom, you have your sign-up-page ready.

Mailchmp is fantastic service for maintaining business newsletters, but has too many bells and whistles for an individual that just wants to maintain a simple mailing list and send text email newsletter. That’s exactly what TinyLetter does best.

As Ben Chestnut, CEO of Mailchimp puts it: “You could think of TinyLetter as a “MailChimp Lite.” A more directionally accurate analogy would be, “Gmail on steroids.”

Read more about TinyLetter in this blog post.

Interested? Give TinyLetter a try yourself or subscribe to mine at: tinyletter.com/swissmiss

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  1. So. Excited. About this.

    Perfect idea.

    Excellent execution, even though I wanted to move the signup box around the page personally.

  2. Thank you so much for telling us about this :)

    I don’t always say so, but I love your blog.

  3. So cool, will try it!

    Btw, Swissmiss, your blog is one of the best, found all your posts inspiring, keep it up!!

  4. This is really cool, but I signed up (for your tinyletter) and they told me I was going to receive a confirmation by e-mail and never got it :(

  5. Ok… now it worked… gmail was holding it at the spam folder… sorry!

  6. The new app that they offer here is so good. You are able to keep up with your mailing list so easy. So many great options that this app offers. Great job on this. http://www.rafihautogroup.com/