79 Short Essays on Design

Lucky me, I just got my hands on the latest issues of Seventy-nine Short Essays on Design by Michael Bierut. Michael is not only an incredibly talented designer but also able to so eloquently and humorously talk about his work.

(If you haven’t seen his CreativeMornings talk on Clients, you should take the time and watch it!)

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  1. excellent, picked it up about a week ago. It should be a required test for all design majors.

  2. I see ‘How to become famous’ is one of the headings.

    It’s disheartening to see that even in the creative world, where one expects the IQ level to be somewhat higher than the ‘I want to be a celebrity’ game show average, that this nauseating cult has wormed it’s way in.

    How to achieve may be more appropriate. Having said that, I’ve not as yet read the book, and this could be some light sarcasm on the authors part.

    I’ll be interested to read it’s reviews.

  3. But hasn’t this been out for some time. Only with a yellow cover or are these new essays?

  4. I was wondering the same thing Nikola. I got this book a few years back and really enjoyed the majority of the essays. Would love to see a new edition.

  5. i could be wrong, but I think it is just a paperback version of the yellow version. Or at least that is what amazon leads me to believe.

    So mad I didn’t have it with me to get his signature when I met him at HOW in Boston.

  6. I will go out today and have a look for this in my local book shop, thanks for the tip.

  7. In response to “Curator,” try not to take those essay headings too literally. If you look at the heading that’s two spots above the “How to become famous” one, it reads, “Why designers can’t think,” but from time to time we’ve been known to do just that. This is a great book, well worth reading.

  8. Need to get my hands on this!

  9. In response to David Airey: Thanks for the guidance there mate, I could never have worked that out on my own. Shame that you took my comment so much to heart. Maybe you were thinking when you didn’t need to.

  10. Most likely. I’ve a tendency to.

    All the best.