Amit’s Story on CBS Boston

The amazing Amit Gupta is currently recovering from his recent bone marrow transplant. Love that CBS Boston featured his story on the news.

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  1. It goes to show the power of social media and the generosity of the community. Amit’s story is amazing.

  2. Great, great news! I’m glad to be a registered donor. :)

  3. It is unfortunate the news clip emphasized the reward money offered for his donor match. Otherwise kudos to Amit for actively encouraging individuals, especially in an underrepresented ethnic group, to join a marrow donor registry. Hopefully many other people in such need can be helped by these heroes who are able to step forward and be matching stem cell donors. Here’s wishing Amit an uneventful and speedy recovery.

  4. I’m the CEO of a design company in France. I was diagnosed a Lymphoma in 2009. A long trip of two years before I needed a bone marrow transplant.
    It happened October 26th 2011. My donor was german. I named him “Manfred”. A perfect example of european cooperation ;-)
    In Germany, there are 4 millions donors registred. In France, only 160.000!!!!!! Do you believe that ?
    It’s easy to save lives with stem cells donations. You need to be in a good health, and it’s without pain.
    Thanks to “Manfred”, I’m fine now. Hope it gonna be the same for Amit.