Thanks to my studiomates Burks and Frank I discovered the wonderful and whimsical world of Lullatone! We’ve been playing their music all day yesterday at the studio. So zen.

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  1. reminds me a lot of oskar fischingers work. nice!

  2. This would make me fall asleep if I listened to it at work.

  3. Nice. great music to stargaze by! And…goes well with your favorite blankee :)

  4. I saw these play a show in Dordrecht a couple of years ago. They make a lot of their own instruments, and hand them out – so basically you partake in the performance.

    Very cutesy and childlike….. they do have (or did have) a kids tv show in Japan.

  5. i love this group! its my favorite music to knit

  6. beyond delightful – thanks for offering it up in a form easy to return to.

  7. it is kaleidoscopic scandinavian competitive ice dancing. were there such a thing. love it.

  8. What’s it got to do with Zen?