The Two Things

“For every subject, there are really only two things you really need to know. Everything else is the application of those two things, or just not important.”

Economist Glen Whitman on The Two Things. Make sure to check out this collection of various Two Things. I must now think about what they are for blogging…

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  1. Hold yer horses there SwissMiss! You yanked me outta my feedread revery to contemplate Big Things first thing in the morning. Before I was fully caffeinated even. Oy!

    Ruminated so much I had to write about it.
    Thanks for the brain workout! :)

  2. If you find out what are the “Two Things” for blogging please let me know ! I saw these on the list but somehow does not apply…

    The Two Things about Blogging:
    1. Everyone who runs one is a kook.
    2. Everyone who comments in one is a kook.

  3. Ok I’ll give it a try :

    The two Things about Blogging :

    1.Run one only if you love it.

    2. Keep it, short, simple and if possible interesting.

    : )

  4. Merlin Mann once gave some good advice on how to blog:

    Find your obsession.
    Every day, explain it to one person you respect.
    Edit everything, skip shortcuts, and try not to be a dick.
    Get better.

    I’d say the first two lines would easily qualify as The Two Things about Blogging.

  5. Being a Vintage Fashion Dealer

    1. Well bought is well sold
    2, Just coz it’s old don’t make it pretty

  6. 1 – Sex.

    2 – Money.

    (in any order you like)

  7. …Now I have your undivided attention. is my way of giving a little knowledge back to the world about advertising and the creative industries.

    I’d like people to realise just how much they are manipulated by on/off line advertising, design, pr, product placement, and any other media you can think of; and how to handle it.

    I confess I used the two strongest impulse switches in advertising (above: sex and money) to illustrate the point.

    Read to sate your desire for knowledge, and get those creative juices flowing.

  8. Hey Curator, thanks for spamming. Helpful :-/

  9. Hey Maarten

    Nope. It’s what I love about doing my blog : P

    Helpful. Yes it is!