A Small Town

“Be nice. (The world is a small town.)”
– Austin Kleon

A quote from Maria’s most recent heartfelt post regarding the wide range of responses to the introduction of Curator’s Code. As I said before, I don’t care if anyone ends up using the proposed symbols, all I care about is that attribution is on our minds and that we will try to come up with a standard that we all feel comfortable with. I am just plain happy the conversation is taking place.

I want express my respect for folks like Marco and Daniel who so thoughtfully and respectfully laid out why they disagree with the proposed solution.

To all the ones mocking and condescendingly making fun of Maria, let me just remind you again of the above quote.

Kindness and respect go a long way.

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  1. Good job!

  2. “Be nice” is a great goal. “Be respectful” should be our default. If we can’t even manage that, then I am completely disillusioned by this community.

  3. I think you are overblowing the whole issue. When I saw Maria’s post talking about salacious criticism I was expecting to see rude and hurtful posts but all I saw was one article that was poking fun and another that perhaps got a little bit carried away with their criticism. Aren’t we in danger of blowing things out of proportion?

  4. “Hate something, make something” —they go hand in hand. Some of the links posted as “mean spirited” were just reasonable criticism/comedy, not driven by personal mean spirit. If we had culture without criticism (or comedy), it would be a weak culture.

  5. 100% ‘Nice” isn’t always the best for progress. Controversy gets us talking and doing. We have to be thick skinned in this world…that said I appreciate ‘nice’ as much as the next person.

  6. Well, I think it takes such a brave effort to develop something that ambitious. Maybe some further development will be needed so that the whole virtual community adopts the Curator’s Code but the mere fact that there is someone out there praising the work that is behind the screen makes me smile too.

    I will definitely be attentive of more updates on the issue!
    Bon courage!

  7. The comments I saw seemed fair and/or amusing. “Hateful?” You and Maria should go to a hockey game one night. :-)