Makerbot Replicator

I am drooling over The MakerBot Replicator, a personal 3D printer for your home. The thought of printing 3D makes my head explode.

I met Bre Pettis, co-founder of Makerbot, at a playground on saturday. Love the fact that I recognized him from these videos. Yay for Brooklyn!

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  1. Bre rocks! As does the MakerBot Replicator =) If you haven’t already bought one, you can enter to win one. We’re running a contest with MakerBot…winner gets the Replicator!

  2. Yeah, there’s a major revolution coming once these and fully operational computer-controlled milling machines become reasonable household items.

    Not quite Star Trek’s replicators, but it’s not 300 years from now, either.

  3. The main advantage to the milling machines, btw, is that they work on something other than plastics. When you can grab a CAM instruction set for making all the parts for a bicycle, buy the frame and build all the rest yourself, that’s going to be pretty interesting.

    Not everyone is mechanically apt, but enough are that it’s going to produce a new generation of craftsmen that has gone by the wayside.

  4. I just read an interesting article that speaks to your point, Johann. We’re seeing this all over again!