Gurtbett (“Strap Bed”) comes with two ratchet straps which hold the individual pieces together. No tools necessary. Beautiful and nifty. Love that combo.

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  1. Dear GURTBETT people. I’m very sorry to inform you that I love this bed so much that I’m going to knock it off TONIGHT on my CNC. It’s just too sexy and I’m too impatient and my girlfriend is working the overnight and I happen to have the keys to her place. This is the perfect solution to her sleeping on the floor. I will blog this and be sure to tell everybody what a sleazeball I am, but I will make certain to give all of the credit where it’s due. Thanks, I owe you guys one. If you’re ever in Brooklyn and need anything CNC’d I’ll credit you the price of a bed.

    The Kontraptionist

  2. What a clever alternative! I love this idea. I think this sounds and looks absolutely lovely.

  3. sori but how can this save a marraige