LEGO Patent Drawing

A LEGO patent drawing form 1958, discovered by the lovely Mrs. Easton.

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  1. i love LEGO. I love to se how perfect was made each block.

  2. You may also be interested in this:

    “The Great Order of the Universe” by Christian Bök –
    A poetic response to the fiftieth anniversary of the LEGO patent.

  3. I did some work with Lego some time ago ay HQ in Billund Denmark. Did you know that the bounce properties and sound the bricks make when dropped are also copy right protected?

  4. I wonder if the scream as you step on one in the dark is also patented… I the sound as they go up the vacuum hose ;)

  5. The original patent owner probably isn’t in a position to enforce their patent so they sell it at a marked down fee and then the company buying tries to monetize it through the courts. You shouldn’t distribute or sell
    your invention before applying for protection because you will lose your rights.
    In each such designated State the international application has the effect of a national (or regional in the case of regional offices) application as from the international
    filing date, and the decision to grant.

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