The New Fruits

“Men who corrupt, depress or weaken others,
tricksters and those who would regress
or move too slowly,
all become my personal enemies.
I resent whatever diminishes man’s stature,
makes him less wise, less confident, less ready.
I shall never admit that hesitation or suspicion
must accompany wisdom.
This is why I believe the child has
often greater wisdom than the old man.”
– André Gide, The New Fruits

From the book Le Corbusier Talks with Students.

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  1. Beautiful words! Long live his legacy.

  2. Maybe not the last statement, but otherwise some guiding principles for a reputation economy :)

  3. As a student of architecture it amazes me that so many of my ‘tutors’ profess an admiration for Le Corb but have such little regard for his methods and personality.

    Architectural education can be torturous with the apparent intention of differentiating the ‘weak’ from the strong. Sometimes it seems you can’t genuinely love something without having to suffer an awful lot for it…