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This old-school LEGO ad from 1981 makes me happy!

(thank you Saha)

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  1. What an artful line break! Love it.

  2. I love how it is a kids ad with a girl and she’s in jeans & their is nothing sparkly, or pink or princessy anywhere!

  3. Reminds me of my own daughter.

  4. Love it! why is it though that now there are so many different branded lines of Lego and even a line that is supposed to target girls? The beauty is it’s simplicity and potential for unlimited creativity!

  5. My boys love posing with their creations! Some lego things they have made are amazing to behold. LOL. But as a mom it’s so great when they have pride of creation!!!

  6. This image depresses me, because it just really drives home the point that Lego is not the company it used to be. Have you seen their new line of Lego for girls? It’s sexist and pathetic.

  7. Oh this is so the point of it isn’t it!

  8. There is a great bit in Dr. Cabrera’s TED Talk on Lego and education problems:


  9. some old advertising can be so ‘now’. love it.

  10. I grew up on LEGOs. This has a special place in my heart.

  11. !!!! This is incredible. I love the fact that it’s a girl playing with the original legos and not specifically the “girl” legos. As an architectural engineering female, this ad holds a special place in my heart.