Peter Megert

Thinkingform posted the above graphic by Swiss designer Peter Megert. I find the three interlocking arrows fascinating.

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  1. Very cool!!! Im at a point in my life where i need to make pretty big decisions and seeing this made me realize ive got lots of options and which ever way i go will be promising!!!

  2. Peter’s last name is actually spelled Megert, btw. He was one of my professors at Ohio State, back in the day.

  3. Thank you David. Sorry about that. Fixed!

  4. Impossibly good.

  5. Peter gave me my first design job. I am forever grateful.

  6. I want that Tattly!

  7. Wow, from the same vein as these 3d interlocking crosses:

  8. Peter was one of my design professors at OSU as well. Great to see the Swiss Miss shout out.

  9. I love Peter. He was my Professor was well.

  10. he game me my first design job as well–and then went on to get me my second job as well!