Walk [Your City]

WALK [YOUR CITY] is a Kickstarter project by Raleigh based Matt Tomasulo that is trying to get America walking. Consider it “guerilla wayfinding” that helps soon-to-be pedestrians find their way from place to place. The funds will go to create an open source tool that will enable anyone to create and print simple signs that indicate how many minutes by foot it takes to get to a certain destination. Simple instructions like these can shift public perception and get more folks on their feet.

I am backing this Kickstarter. Join me?

(via the awesome TBD Newsletter)

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  1. AWESOME! this makes me so happy. I just put it on my to-do list to back this with you. I have started walking everywhere I can. and I love it.

  2. “…as natural as breathing. We’re all born pedestrians.” Author Tom Vanderbilt on the importance of walking in NPR article » http://n.pr/HKhLwA

  3. this is terrific… your next challenge: bring it in to suburbia

  4. fantastic idea but i’m curious how he came up with the estimated time. i need twice as long as my husband to get somewhere. maybe there will be some fine print with more details on how to estimate your time.

  5. It’s creative and engaging. Much more so than most graffiti like do-good posters, selling god or network marketing or the environment or diets or politicians.

    But I don’t want to be pitched by these sorts of unauthorised posters walking down the street.

    I love this blog. But is back patting a prerequisite, ie can I disagree from time to time and get away with it?

  6. Brilliant idea!

  7. Just an absolutely innocent, friendly reminder, this project is actually titled “Walk [Your City]”, not “Walk [Your] City”.

    Sorry to be ‘that guy’.

  8. @Joseph. Fixed it. Thanks.

  9. @Nic Constructive and respectful criticsm is always welcome.

  10. Not this concept is interesting but it also brings great health benefits, specially to senior citizens who usually don’t have vehicles of their own. Walk, Your City, is definitely a unique idea.