Coca-Cola Hug Machine

The Coca-Cola Hug Machine takes hugs instead of money. Because vending machines have feelings too. #mademesmile

(via @nthnryn)

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  1. Nice…I’ll bet related t-shirts will go on sale in 10…9…8… :-P

  2. Yeah, but no. A hug should be enough. In this case the machine pays coke to get a hug….this is more sad than nice.

  3. this is in Singapore! i’m from singapore!

  4. Coke is gross and deadly and should be illegal

  5. coca-cola is like a drug dealer….
    get them hooked and then sell them more.

  6. Vending machines DO NOT have feelings.

    But it’s things like this which get humans used to dealing with faceless automation which one can’t reason with.

    Have a nice future.

  7. I LOVE COCA COLA THE ONE AND ONLY ORIGINAL!! (at least to me :-))

  8. cute idea, in a cute package, but come on people, hugging a machine to get a sugary drink? How about hugging your mom and sitting down for a tea?