Blime Light

I had the pleasure to see Alvaro Soto demonstrate this beautiful lamp called Blime Light at last night’s Apartment Therapy Design Evening.

Blime Light is a DIY light fixture that ships in a teeny tiny box and then can be assembled at home. They are currently running a Kickstarter campaign and are offering a whopping 24 colors in card stock paper and a white version in 100% recycled and recyclable vellum. Totally backing this! Join me?

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  1. Really amazing! Beautiful! I love this great creation!

  2. Hi – they look like nice guys, but their work is way to close to the concept and range of lights developed by David Trubridge over the last 10 years – and already for sale worldwide. Someone has to tell their investors that if they want to support them they need to ask them to go back to the drawing board and create something which is more original – design is a field where one needs to have some distance from existing work in order to be interesting . . . . .

  3. Awesome…. creativity …. i love it