Book Cover Disguise for Your Wireless Router

Here’s a fab tutorial on how to make a Book Cover Disguise for your wireless router.

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  1. This is one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments.

  2. Worth mentioning that this could potentially shorten the lifespan of your router due to overheating. There are usually vents on top of the router and having a book covering that up could be problematic.

  3. This is fabulous! My router is the ugliest thing in my office. I cannot wait to do this and share it with others. (As far as the above-mentioned vent issue goes, my router appears to have vents on one side only, so should not pose a problem.)

  4. maybe a few tiny fans can be installed at the side of the book cover!

  5. My thoughts were right in line with Casey when I first saw this. Great disguise idea for other things though!

  6. i thought about the vent too. putting something aong the edges of the router top and using a thicker book would prop the cover up a bit and give it a little air flow room.

    even if your router has side vents only, i wouldn’t recommend setting something right on top of it that would trap heat. the rest of your router acts like a heatsync and radiates heat, so even with no vents the top is vital to keep somewhat clear since it is the largest surface area, and heat moves up.

  7. I’m gonna do this. Find a cool book in a used shop and rip it apart.

    I’m just gonna buy a much thicker book than my router currently is. Why?

    For venting, I’ll run chopsticks up the inside, outside, and middle of both the top and bottom (insider) cover. This way the router will be kinda suspended in the middle by about 1/3″.

    Should be reasonably good for ventilation.

    Besides, it’s a rental router. ;)

  8. Y’know, those lights on the front, they can tell you things that are relevant, if you spend a bit of time learning what they say.

    And the idea that these things, which, usually, have had a fair amount of “cool” design work put into their basic appearance is “ugly” suggests a dislike for tech that says you really, really need to read:

    Zen and the Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance.

    You’re likely divorcing yourself from half the universe of experience.

    That or you need to buy a cooler looking router.

  9. Regarding the heat issue, if you a) put spacers around the router so air can flow between it and the book cover, and optionally b) keep it vertical, you will allow for plenty of convection and heat should not build up much at all.

    You can easily test this by feeling how warm the book cover gets after several minutes of use. If it’s toasty, heat is getting trapped, so make some changes.

  10. That is a rather cool idea. Thank you!

  11. hot glue about 5 pennies in four places on inside top of book cover to give ventilation.