In.gredients is a new package-free grocery store that is opening in Austin, Texas in the Summer of 2012. Its mission as the US’s first zero-waste, package-free grocery store will support local businesses and farmers, will sell based on seasonal rhythms of farming, will avoid processed foods, will reduce transportation costs and pollution, and will encourage customers to bring their own reusable containers.

(via thekidsshouldseethis)

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  1. It’d be interesting to see if this could survive in a larger, not as close to farms, city.

  2. This is cool.
    Does anyone know how this plays with the Health Department?

    Do the scales figure it out for you or do you have to do some math too?

  3. An interesting concept that could work around a local community but is it a scaleable business? Also, how does this stack up with the legal side of selling products with no labelling and packaging? If it runs like farm shops here in the UK then there are limits to what you can do.

  4. This is soooo cool! Although I’d consider myself a sustainability expert, it’s not until recently that I looked at food packaging… Everything from eggs to fruit and veggies most times comes in packaging that can totally be re-used! I’m going to spread the word about in.gredients here in Canada. Thanks so much!