iPhone Business Cards

iPhone Business Cards by Frederic Tourrou. Oh my!

(via TheCoolhunter)

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  1. Nothing tells the world “I don’t have a shred of originality” like these will!

  2. I totally tweeted that idea two weeks ago! Damn it. http://instagr.am/p/JxhTsPt7Ij/

  3. Oops. I just realized I shared my email and phone number with you monsters. Deleted that picture real quick.

  4. Uh … real size?

  5. @brad sorry if there is no originality in this, so each time someone use something who exist for fun it’s not original .. ok it’s your choice.. it’s not my only job , it was made for jokin’ ..i’ve been called by Apple.. they love it and said that it was original and fun..

  6. it’s real size , i’ve done with round corner too , look better i think..

  7. @Tourrou I think they’re fun! :)

  8. Tacky.

  9. Never gonna hire you because you can’t slide it.

  10. Why didn’t you just put the logo on the home screen? It’s a bit narcissistic. I think @Brad hit the nail on the head.

  11. You’ve done well Torrou. I really like the idea of the business cards. How are people reacting to them? Why did you decide to have 12:30 in the clock? As you said, they’re real size. Isn’t it quite big for a business card?
    Great work!

    Brad your comment sucks.

  12. But it’s not March 21st any more. Looks like I can’t hire you “now.”

  13. I like it.

  14. @Nguyen The Anh 12h30 The 21 march is the birth date of my first schild .. the screen is really near to the real business card size so it fit perfectly ..
    @Shalini .. Yes it’s really narcissistic but now a lot of people will remember my face during meeting … lol

  15. It’s embarassing.
    This is a joke right?

  16. yeah a big joke !

  17. A lot of people are being really mean here. No idea is ever truly original, just like how storytellers are all plagiarists. Anyway, this is really neat. Showed it to all my friends. Keep it up!

  18. @Chris Berry sorry for the quality of the pics but, stop with the size of the business card it’s the real business card size .. see the proof

  19. haters will hate. this is cool! keep up the good work!

  20. LOVE this idea! I think you’re brilliant! Keep up the good work.

  21. It is unique and memorable for a biz card. Real estate agents put their pictures on everything – not to be narcissistic, but so people will recognize them – sales, sales, sales! That is how we survive.

  22. Do you have a template of this to share? :)