Jonathan Harris: Rethinking Social Networking

Jonathan Harris describes four trends that are reshaping culture in the digital age: Compression, Disposability, Curation, and Self-Promotion, and takes steps to counteract them.

(Jonathan is our speaker at this week’s CreativeMornings in NYC.)

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  1. I’m on Tumblr with one of the little DIY craft blogs over there and I guess you would call me a huge curator of crafts I like. I don’t think that all curators are not creators – because in “real life” I’m very much a creator on YouTube, in my artistic work, and for my job. I pick the DIY crafts I do because I plan on “creating” them in the future. I hope and know that my blog has inspired young people who thought they didn’t have a creative bone in their body to actually go create something (and I love posting photos of their creations), and I find once someone creates one thing it spurs them on to think, “What can I make next?” I also think that my collection of crafts on my blog allows readers to begin to think outside the box (if they aren’t already), and isn’t that a good thing? Also, self promotion – no one knows how many followers I have :) Thank you for posting this thought provoking video.

  2. Cowbird is a beautiful world. It slows you down in the hustle of bustle of life. It inspires you with stories from amazing people. It is a place where you’re grateful for humanity. It’s a humbling experience to be part of it. I’ve just joined Cowbird a few weeks ago and it has filled me with surprises and gratitudes each day.

  3. Had the great pleasure to hear Jonathan at OFFF 2012 in Barcelona two weeks ago. You are all in for a nice treat! Enjoy!