Being a graphic designer back in the days, when Letraset was King, was a whole other ballgame. After having read this article, I bow to my iMac and the design apps I use in respect!

(via coudal)

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  1. As an art school student from 1982-88, I vividly remember Letraset. Thanks for jogging my memory. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet…

  2. Haha cool, die hatte ich auch schon als Kind, hab Jahre nicht mehr darna gedacht hahah saucool :D

  3. My father was a commercial artist in the ’70s. I still have a few sheets of the stuff tucked lying around.

  4. My mom was in college when I was little and she used these for cover letters and stuff (I guess???)

    anyway she ALWAYS let me play with the old sheets she didn’t need anymore and this post brought back SO MANY MEMORIES!

    Thanks so much!

  5. Yep. As with typing documents, the computer has made all this stuff so much easier it’s not even close to funny. Anyone going back to work with a model-1 grade selectric typewriter — to say nothing of an older manual typewriter — appreciates how much nicer it is to correct a document, modify or update a draft, and so forth. Even more the case when you don’t have to mess around with any of the various incarnations of Liquid Paper§ and its ilk.

    There’s a common complaint that things take just as long now as they did back then, that the computer hasn’t actually saved any time.

    This is “sorta” true, but the expectation level is what sucked up the extra time. Now that it’s easy to tweak stuff, people spend a lot more time tweaking things and making them “perfect” when before “It’s GOOD ENOUGH” was the mantra for the real world operator.

    § Bette Nesmith Graham is, for those unaware, the mother of Mike Nesmith… of “The Monkees”.

  6. Thanks for the memories!

  7. My old art director (and by old I not only mean previous job, I mean she’d been the art director since the 60’s) still used Letraset when I began as a design assistant at a publishing house. She refused, REFUSED, to let us throw them away.

  8. I still totally love to work with letraset. I grew up with it watching my father using it in his office. In 2005 I did this short letraset animation called “Das A-Z im Letraset”. Hope you like it.

  9. I grew up using Letraset as a child. My mom worked in a research lab at Hopkins and used them for all labeling. Of course she also used a fancy electric Dymo machine as well! I was quite the organized little girl. And still am today!

  10. i wants to preasent the new fonts to the swiss miss so give me the guideline for same