What is a hipster?

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  1. Cute! It’s funny how the word really has been used to encompass all of the mid-20’s crowd—just because you wear certain clothes you are automatically associated with the group, even if you may have completely different ideals. Of which, what ARE their ideals? I don’t think there is any one answer to the question, “What is a hipster?”

  2. Ugh. Sick to death hearing about ‘hipsters’.

    Why do people feel the need to be labelled or label themselves?

  3. The word Hipster is used by people typically above 25 years old that look back in envy to the days when they were considered hip themselves.

  4. Love the closing comment on this video: “Maybe I should just stick to what I know…being French!”

    People who might be considered “hipsters” by others will not identify as hipsters (unless they have a particular kind of self-deprecating humor). So what’s the point in identifying them at all? Let’s just celebrate what we know we are and have a good time. And if said “good time” involves PBR’s and surf-rock-reminiscent noise pop then so be it.

  5. I am so thankful for this girl’s research, the definition of hipster was always a controversial subject for me and my friends.

  6. ahahaha as i sit here with my “big” framed glasses on i wonder..am i a hipster?!?! naaah..

  7. The problem with the term hipster is that it is so all-encompassing that (as the video points out) it’s difficult to nail down who is or isn’t a hipster.

    The woman who runs the website seems to have a dislike for hipsters yet she:

    a) lives in Brooklyn
    b) wears skinny jeans
    c) wears booties
    d) runs a tumblr-like blog

    I’m not sure why we can’t just let everyone just live their lives. If these people want to live like this then why do we care? Are they hurting anyone?

  8. This video has a pretty good definition of hipster. It’s actually the evolution of hipsters. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbTI7eWaQbk

  9. the British hipster:

  10. “Hipsters” are hard to nail down because by definition they don’t identify with the term or any term. It cracks me up, really, because all the rejecting of labels hasn’t made skinny jeans and fedoras sell like mad. They tend to think themselves too smart to be enthusiastic about anything. It’s all ironic and joyless. To me, the whole mentality is the antithesis of those of us who self identify as geeks and/or nerds who embrace their passions no matter how uncool it makes us look.

  11. Wow someone said something about over 25 and not being hip anymore… I’m 27 and surely was never called hip… not because I wasn’t whatever “hip” truly is but simply because that’s not the word we used. Hipsters aren’t to be envied.