Airplane Lavatory Self-Portraits in the Flemish Style

To pass the time during long flights, artist Nina Katchadourian decorated herself in tissue paper costume, and created hilarious self-portrait photos in the style of Flemish Renaissance paintings.

I wish she was a family member. Love having people in my life that aren’t afraid of being silly. They make life better.

(via BBlinks and Laughingsquid)

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  1. Truly inspired. Everything about this is hilarious.

    A wonderful find.

  2. she has the perfect face for this style of portraiture too. brilliant.

  3. Hilarious – but now i know why the bathroom wait is always so long…

  4. @ ninjette: that’s for other reasons. ewwwww. ha, ha.

  5. This is hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Why aren’t there more people like this in my life? Seriously, the world needs more people like Nina!