Coca Cola Drink Cooler

If the pricetag wasn’t as hefty, I would totally get one of these Vintage Coolers for Studiomates, our co-working space.

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  1. I came across one of these in the wild last week, although I suspect they’ve had this cooler since it was vintage so didn’t need to pay quite so much for it!

  2. Not sure if you have a HomeGoods near you, but they had a nearly identical knockoff for less than a fourth of the price.

  3. These are definitely as cool as they look. I’ve seen one in the wild before, too. The built-in bottle opener is awesome!

  4. Wow that is great to know about HomeGoods. I would love one these…Cokes in little bottles are my good to beverage.

  5. Sorry that should be GO to beverage but they are good :-D