Blurb Instagram Books

Blurb’s Instagram Books make me so happy. Can’t wait until my son’s It’s Hard Being Two Tumblr has enough images to make a book out of it. We live in such an exciting time. The fact, that anyone (with a computer and internet connection) can create books on the fly, is simply amazing.

I love the internets.

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  1. Have you also tried Picpack allows you to order your Instagrams as packs of 12 magnets… good quality…

  2. ahh yes, the self-indulgent preoccupation with pics continues. Jim Gaffigan said it best:

  3. I love the internets too!

  4. hey! aw. Thanks! I love instagram books too!

  5. I made one of these! It’s adorable and quick… but expect your photos to come out slightly pixellated. Still worth it for the quality of the book itself and the price!

  6. The book looks awesome. I will order one for sure.
    My tip: if you have at least 12 images you can order them as magnets from and stick them to your fridge.

  7. Your son looks like he’s planking everywhere – are those falling asleep moments after a tantrum, or actual mid-tantrum?

  8. Bekka beat me to the punch. I also love the internets!

  9. I ordered magnets from and they were great. Special persons birthday coming – good idea!

  10. Here’s the link to the best place to start one of these lovely little books.

    Thanks for the mention, Tina.