Hidden Bed

This is the Murphy Bed of my Dreams. Completely Hidden.

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  1. How does the room behind the bookcase look? I mean, you close the drawer and the bed goes into the next room, no?

  2. No. The bed is flexible (usually air-filled or low density foam) and actually bends 90 degrees so it shoots up vertically behind the cabinet doors above the bed. The area where your head would rest ends up just under the books on the shelf near the top. Visit this link: http://www.zoom-room.com/how-it-works/

  3. Except, Yes. There’s another, elevated bed/reading area in the room behind that Murphy that it slides under.


  4. Clever design, although the bed appears to be much lower than a standard bed, almost like a mattress placed on the floor.

  5. by dickens that’s brilliant!

  6. What about the life of bed? I mean how long will it remain in good condition? What was used in making of it? What material?

  7. WoW, i need this for my Hostel room really superb and very simple

  8. Awesome idea about… Hidden Bed