Tweeting from Space

Japanese aeronautical engineer and astronaut Soichi Noguchi has is tweeting from space! No joke. Follow him @astro_soichi.

(via ISO50)

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  1. actually, i was thinking how lame is that? he’s in this unbelievable place only a handful of people will ever experience and he can’t put his phone down???

  2. What do you think of our Dutch ESA-Astronaut André Kuipers!/astro_andre
    In space. 28.000 km/h, 400 km, above Earth. International Space Station. Expedition 30 & 31, 191 days. Landing 1 July 2012.
    International Space Station ·

  3. I got a bit bored of my Twitter feed but now I follow this guy for some daily awesomeness! Although I agree with Lisa that it is a bit lame he can’t put his phone down but on the other hand he is just doing us down here on earth a huge favour by sharing these amazing pics!

  4. The ultimate travel blogger :)

  5. Nice!
    You can also follow @astro_andre. He’s in the ISS too right now.

  6. The dutch astro André Kuipers tweets also from space:!/astro_andre

  7. have you guys been to space? it’s extremely boring. lots of jenga, pick-up-jacks. we used to use can and string to communicate. now-a-days sure are different…

  8. A great book that de-glamorizes the astronaut’s life is Packing for Mars by Mary Roach. Fun read.