Chameleon Band-Aids

This Chameleon Bandage takes the concept of band-aid protection a notch higher by becoming literally invisible. It’s a 2012 IF Design Talents Entry by Xue Xing Wu, Zi Yu Li, Yue Hua Zhu and Zhi Qiang Wang.

Love when human products imitate nature and hope these will be available for purchase soon.
(via shoeboxdwelling)

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  1. Maybe a designer can clear this up for me. I’ve always wondered, what is the criterion for a “concept design.” It you don’t need to be constrained by what is possible technologically, how can anything be judged?

    I could see if the designers for this bandage actually worked out a color changing system and envisioned how it could work, but it seems like they just said “What if there was a bandaid that could change color?”

    That’s a cool idea, but here’s a better one:

    What if there was a wand-like medical device which could heal wounds instantly? It’s made of brushed aluminum and has a Rams-esque minimalism.

    Does my question make sense? I’ve just seen too many of these concept designs which make no sense.

  2. This works great (as long as you carry Photoshop with you everywhere you go)

  3. Do we really need band-aids that can change to the colour of your skin?God forbid someone see you with a band-aid on.

    I agree with the 2 above.

  4. Great idea! simple, cool, and full of possibilities. This concept could change the way we wear things.

  5. I just love the concept behind this band aid here. It looks so invisible when its on your skin. So many would love a bandaid like this.
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  6. Why not just buy a skin coloured bandaid.

  7. I don’t think anyone is catching one MAJOR flaw in this.
    If you look, it’s made to match EVERY detail, so if you have freckled skin- it blends in still.
    Now, think about it. It would also show exactly what is UNDER the bandaid.
    I agree with Pu.
    David, if you’re looking for the bandaid to blend in completely with your skin, you’d have to have a specific skin tone for “skin coloured” bandaids to work. Unless they start making bandaids like they do makeup and have every color except really dark and really pale.

  8. Horrible Idea. Work on something else!! The way the market tries to influence people is just beyond me.

  9. How can I buy??

  10. Awesome idea. Need any backing.

  11. People seem to forget tbat there is no skin colour band aid for black people so this is really a great idea. Stop being so ignorant and realize nor everyones skin matches the band aids sold in stores.

  12. The miracle bandaid (just add photoshop)