Rocket Espresso Cup

These Rocket Espresso Cups just made me gasp for air. Brilliant, right?

(Thanks Rusty)

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  1. The cutest thing I have seen all day!

  2. I LOVE IT !

  3. That’s pretty slick.

  4. This is too cute. Love it.

  5. They are really cute, but I don’t think they’re worth the £40 that they’re priced at. For the £80 I’d need for two, I could just take a ceramics class. :P Can’t wait for 3D printing to become more affordable.

  6. It would be great if they also worked as egg cups.

  7. Who is the designer of it?Do You have his contacts?

  8. I love the design!!!!

  9. If anyone wants these please order on Shapeways. We are the manufacturer

  10. Keep trying to order one, but the site comes up as FAILED each time.