Friday Link Pack

In this Build talk, Jason Santa Maria teaches us to look at typefaces with a discerning eye, different approaches to typographic planning, how typography impacts the act of reading, and how to choose and combine appropriate typefaces from an aesthetic and technical point of view.

CheatSheet shows you all the keyboard shortcuts of your currently active application.

– Interesting read: 7 Habits of Web-Savvy Entrepreneurs.

– Yikes: Constantly Online? Mental Problems Await (thank you @popchair)

Strawfoot, handmade Tote Bags, brought to you by GNTLMN.

– The first 20 employees at Google and what they’re doing now. Interesting. (via @collabfund)

Picplum, my favorite photo printing sharing service just got better. You can now easily choose between multiple print sizes and add a personal note. Score!

Don’t be bitter, be better!

– Emily is now taking pre-sale orders for the Brooklyn Quilt! Gaaah!

The Sparrow Problem – the gold rush is over.

– Like to obsess over perfectly folding your laundry? The Flip Fold is for you!

– The folks at Warby Parker are looking to hire a Front-End Web Developer. I love that company.

– Yum. This Peach Ricotta Tart looks delicious.

– Flashback central: I totally remember my mom having one of these, in bright orange. A laundry basket with folding legs. Brilliant, right?

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  1. I have the Flip Fold and it is the perfect device.

  2. Newsweek had an article recently ‘ICrazy” with similar research results. :)

  3. thanks for mentioning Picplum. will try it

  4. Why buy a Flip Fold when you can do this?

  5. Flip and fold is still quicker and makes everything a uniform size, whether it is my sweatshirt or my wife’s t-shirt. But yeah, I guess if you wanted to spend that sort of time to be a pro, go for it. Laundry is simply a hamster wheel to be overcome.

  6. thanks for the cheatsheet hint – perfect app!