The iPhone Shutter Grip

I rarely schlepp my SLR camera around with me these days. Chasing my 2 year old means carrying as little things as possible, so the iPhone ends up being my main photo camera. (I know, sad statement right there) That’s why I like the idea of the iPhone Shutter Grip. Has anyone tried it?

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  1. Nice idea, but “The iPhone Shutter Grip only works with the “Belkin LiveAction” Camera App” it’s from Belkin, look for it on Amazon.
    I use other Apps, like camera Awesome, it doesn’t work for me.

  2. I recently learned that you can use the + volume button as a shutter for the iphone’s camera. I’ve tried it and it works (but is a bit awkward with my phone case.)

    Though, I’d like to try this shutter grip.

  3. Wow, Kathy, I didn’t know that, and now my life is changed! I’ve always hated the awkwardness of trying to press the on-screen button.

  4. Looks promising and handy – but, as said above, only works with a (free) app that’s no good. So I won’t go for it.
    Funny: to schlepp :) did sound (only) german (schleppen) to me … until now.

  5. Lynn, I’m glad to share the info!

  6. I bought one of these, and it returned it within a few hours.

    A surprisingly awful product, simply because belkin forces you to use their software that downgrades the picture quality. It had like 50 one star reviews from the app store last time I checked.

  7. I just discovered the volume button today! Funny coincidence. I also was looking for some sort of grip, and saw this too late:

    An aside, and a bit to brag, I really wished I had something like this a couple days ago taking photos in Venice:
    I was terrified my iphone was going to end up in the canal. This is the downside to using your very expensive device for everything, including a camera. :-)